The aroma of charcoal on the grill begins to invade the atmosphere and the cuts of meat begin to take on that unique color and texture.


That feeling is so special! Nothing brings people closer than the smell of charcoal.


There is something about that sensation that makes us feel closer, more in tune and more friends. Maybe it comes from our ancestors and their love of gathering around the fire. Or maybe it’s simply that our minds are already conditioned to start tasting delicious cuts of meat, just by smelling the charcoal on the grill.


What is indisputable is that there is nothing like a good company to savor delicious charcoal-grilled cuts. There is a reason why grilling is the most widespread style of informal food in the world and with equivalents in every culture since man discovered fire. At La Vicenta, experts in grilling, we know it well.


We all love the smell of charcoal as much as we love to share a good time because we know that everything starts with a spark and two good drinks on the table, right?


That’s why this time we want to tell you a little bit about what makes charcoal cuts special.


But first, an interesting fact: Do you know how much a million bags of charcoal weigh? About the same as 2,087 African elephants or 731,707 50″ HD TVs or 1.2 million lawn chairs.


On a serious note, an interesting fact about cuts of meat when cooked over charcoal…


Do you know what the secret is to get the most out of a charcoal cut?


There are a thousand factors to take into account; however, something very important is to know that what makes your cut cook to perfection, in the ideal term and without losing juiciness and flavor, is that the difference is in the heat.


Therefore, it is important to take into account the type of fuel to be used or, what is the same, the type of charcoal, in addition to positioning the food on the grill in the right place on the grill, either just above the burning coals when it comes to food that you want to cook quickly, or further away from the heat, for thicker cuts; these should be placed a little further away from the heart of the heat so that they cook more slowly without burning the outside.


Indirect heat is what cooks a good cut best because it is slower.


When it comes to charcoal grilling, charcoal works as gasoline for your grill, but keep in mind that the type of charcoal affects the flavor of the meat.


Types of charcoal

The idea is to use high-quality charcoal, but there are different types of charcoal, learn here the details of each one:




Charcoal is produced through the process of carbonization of firewood. It is a type of charcoal that does not pollute, so it is considered environmentally friendly. It does not produce embers, so it is ideal for meat cuts that require slow cooking, as its heat is long-lasting and consistent.


It is achieved by heating wood and other vegetable residues in an oven at temperatures ranging from 400 to 700 degrees Celsius, in the absence of air, to eliminate most of the water from the wood and, thus, increase its calorific value.


To know if the charcoal is of good quality, it is important to take into account that it has the following characteristics:


  • It has to last a long time.
  • It has the quality of leaving a very particular flavor in the charcoal cuts.
  • Its weight is much greater than low-quality charcoal, and this is easy to decipher if you look at the volume. For example, a bag of high-quality charcoal should occupy less space than a bag of charcoal with the same weight but of low-quality charcoal.
  • The calorific value must be high, because otherwise what you get is that the meat cooks rather than cooks properly.


There it is, that is one of the secrets of cooking a good charcoal cut. If you decide to use charcoal, take it into account and make sure it is quality charcoal.




On the other hand, we have quebracho charcoal, which is also vegetable, but it is of much better quality than an average one since each piece of charcoal is selected.


This type of charcoal has the quality of producing embers with greater consistency and that has a much longer duration than common charcoal. In addition, it does not generate smoke or sparks, so your meat will not taste smoky – which sounds appetizing, but it is not -.


This type of charcoal is widely used in Argentine grills, who are specialists in getting the most out of their cuts of meat.


Quebracho charcoal contains no additives or chemicals, so the flavor and aroma left in the meat grilled with it are very special.




It is a type of charcoal obtained from oak wood. It is high-quality charcoal, but what distinguishes it is that each piece of charcoal is large in size, which makes the embers last much longer, and this, consequently, results in better slow cooking and a delicious flavor in the meat.


Healthy and delicious


Grilling helps to preserve more of the nutrients in the food and helps vegetables retain more of their flavor than if they were cooked any other way.


It is one of the best ways to take advantage of the nutrients in our food, and when it comes to cuts of meat, the experience is that much richer.


What are the best charcoal grilled cuts?

Here are the charcoal grilled cuts that you can find on our grill.




New York

Boneless cut with a unique flavor, medium marbling, and firm texture. Preferred by meat lovers.


Strip Roast

Meat with abundant marbling and a very soft texture, extracted from the rib. Served with roasted cactus, tomatoes, and cambray onion.


Flank Steak

Long marinated cut, characterized by its juiciness.


Rib Eye

With a fine and soft texture, this cut has the ideal marbling that gives it a great flavor.


Tenderloin Tatemado

One of our guests’ favorite specialties. Braised with black pepper. Served with grilled cambray onions.


Lomo al Trapo

Delicious beef tenderloin with a soft texture, seasoned with a layer of salt in grain and spices, wrapped in a blanket of heaven, and cooked directly to the embers. Served with grilled tomato and cambray onions.



Delicious bone-in steak with the perfect marbling for exceptional juiciness. Flamed at your table with Jack Daniel’s.



Composition of striploin and tenderloin for a combination of excellent flavors and textures.


We’re sure you’re craving it!


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