From the classic roast beef tacos to the most original recipe, with tuna, octopus, or shrimp, our delicious tacos will steal your heart.


At La Vicenta, there’s no taco lover who won’t be happy. We have an incredible variety of delicious tacos that will steal anyone’s heart.


A well-made taco is a perfect meal, and if you accompany it with the best atmosphere and the best grill environment, your taco becomes an experience worth repeating. That’s why our carne asada tacos are already a legend, and no wonder, we have one for every taste and for every craving.


We bring to your table 3 delicious tacos served with all the seasoning of the experts on the grill. Charcoal flavor, golden and aromatic handmade tortillas, soft meat, and the aroma of the grill.


Whether it’s carne asada or shrimp tacos; whatever you crave, we are sure you will be fascinated with our selection of excellent and original recipes.


Here are 10 exquisite tacos that you will simply love.



We’re not sure who Andrés is, but what we are sure of is that the taco that bears his name is simply unparalleled. Three delicious tacos of cecina, chorizo, and pork crackling; with coleslaw and roasted onion dressing. Thank you, Andrés!


Flank Steak

These tacos are a true classic of classics. Accompanied by avocado, grilled cambray onion, and cilantro.



A delicious taco with sea and land flavor and all the street attitude. Grilled octopus, smoked pork chop, longaniza sausage, and pork crackling with manchego cheese.


The Gober

This taco is a must-try. Three soft flour tortillas filled with shrimp cooked in white wine, mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise-chipotle, and peppers. Served with white cabbage and jalapeño peppers.



Undoubtedly, the best carne asada tacos in the north. Aguja norteña with Chihuahua cheese crust and pork chicharrón; topped with tatemada sauce and served with avocado mousse, cilantro, and pickled red onion. Giddy up!





Tacocurious, here they speak… Shrimp wrapped in Oaxaca cheese and breaded; served with avocado mousse and passion fruit-habanero and green tomato sauce. If you feel like trying something different and original, this is your taco!


Jocoque Tuna

This tasty recipe will conquer you with its intense flavor and the perfect harmony of its ingredients. Delicious tuna seasoned with paprika and orange, seasoned with mashed avocado and jocoque. These tasty taquitos are served with grilled onions, radishes, and cilantro.



This taco is the coolest and has no parallel. Beef suadero with marrow is, a great combination! With slices of manchego cheese, tomato, serrano chile, and cilantro.



These taquitos, ladies, and gentlemen, are unparalleled among carne asada tacos. Three delicious sirloin tacos smothered in rustic sauce and served with avocado, potato, and caramelized onion.



As the saying goes, “if the world ends, I’m going to Mérida” and how could it not? At La Vicenta we dedicate a taco to the sister republic of Yucatan, with a southern recipe that will make you fall in love. Marinated pork steak with orange, refried black beans, habanero, marrow sauce, and grilled onions, you can’t miss it!


And, to top off a delicious meal, how about trying one of our drinks? Served double just because we love to entertain you.


Be sure to try our original creations from our mixology menu, they go perfectly with the whole Taco attitude and will surprise you with their flavor and ingredients.


For example, pair your taco with one of our Twisted Classics, such as the Pasto de Mula, with vodka, Jägermeister, and Mediterranean lime, mixed with basil, ginger beer, and a twist of lemon; or the Pecho de Paloma, with tequila and a mix of grapefruit and orange juice, frosted with hibiscus salt.


If you’re a bit more on the strawberry side, try one of our Clementinas; the Güera, with white wine, pineapple, and rosemary, with hints of cardamom and basil; the Pelirroja, with rosé wine, ginger, and accents of red fruits and grapefruit; or the Morena, with red wine, pear vodka and a mix of orange and balsamic glaze. Simply perfect!


Or if you’re in the mood for something a little more up-tempo, be sure to try our authentic Pepe Tostado, with Jack Daniel’s and pineapple, mixed with lime, orange bitters, bell pepper, and strawberries.


As you will see, for every good taco there is a good drink, and if not, a good beer never fails.


So, now that we’ve awakened your taco craving, come and find out which is your new favorite. And, remember, it all starts at the grill… It all starts at OUR grill.




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