the best rosca de reyes in mexico
the best rosca de reyes in mexico

Rings, Kings, and Laughter: Celebrating in Style at La Vicenta

What would the holiday season be without the traditional Rosca de Reyes? This delicious tradition takes center stage in festivities, and at La Vicenta, we’re ready to dazzle your senses. Imagine a blend of history, culture, and a unique touch of flavor – that’s our take on the rosca de reyes! Available at all La Vicenta locations from December 28th to January 8th, this culinary gem awaits to conclude the festivities on a high note. Will you join the celebration?

Origins of the Rosca de Reyes

The “rosca de reyes” is not just sweet bread; it’s a tradition that takes us back to European roots and the Mexican colonial era. We love the notion that each bite carries a touch of history, like a piece of culture wrapped in powdered sugar.

rosca de reyes history

In its early chapters, this tradition unfolded in European medieval festivities, where communities celebrated festivals to honor gods and welcome the renewal of spring. The transition to Mexico happened during the colonial era, akin to delicate cultural embroidery. The round shape of the rosca, symbolizing eternity, and the vibrant hues of candied fruit blended with local rituals, creating a new symphony of flavors and meanings. Thus, each slice of rosca becomes a testament to the rich history spanning continents and eras.

The Secret It Guards

And what about the mystery within the rosca? We all know there’s a hidden baby Jesus somewhere. At La Vicenta, finding it is like winning the lottery! Being the “godfather” of Candlemas festivities might sound a bit formal, but we call it the privilege of planning the party of the year and choosing the flavor of tamales you love. Green, red, or mole?

The Experience at La Vicenta

At La Vicenta, we take the tradition of the Rosca de Reyes to another level. Our chefs have outdone themselves, creating a rosca that respects its roots but also carries that irreverent touch that defines us. Filled with chocolate ganache, topped with sugar and vanilla, quince paste, pear, and apple, swarmed with chocolate-covered puffed rice, Conejitos and Minuit chocolates from Turín®, and golden chocolate pearls, each bite is like an explosion of flavors that take you on a journey through history with a smile on your face.

the best rosca de reyes in mexico

So, ready to dive into the whirlwind of flavors and laughter? From December 28th to January 8th, come to La Vicenta, and let’s celebrate the season together with our unique take on the rosca de reyes. Break free from formality and join the fun because at La Vicenta, tradition is lived with flavor and style. See you at La Vicenta!



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