In the realm of street food, there are dishes that emerge from nowhere and become true stars. One such dish, with a story that’s become a legend, is the famous quesabirria. A name that sounds like music to the ears of food enthusiasts, but where did this delicacy, a blend of cheese and birria, originate?

Birria, that juicy and flavorsome meat stew, is the heart of quesabirrias. This dish is typical of the Jalisco region, and its traditional preparation involves slow-cooking lamb or goat meat with a blend of spices that gives it an unparalleled taste. Birria is so delicious that it didn’t need much more to be memorable, but someone decided to give it a creative twist.

Despite the version that originally gained popularity being made with goat meat, its beef version also gained traction in cities like Tijuana or Monterrey, adopting an exceptional flavor that quickly became iconic. This transformation created a unique fusion that captivated local palates and became a sought-after delight, even in cities in the United States where it’s now more recognized than the goat version.

To prepare a classic quesabirria, freshly cooked birria is placed in a corn tortilla, similar to a crispy taco. But here’s where the magic happens: before closing the tortilla, a generous portion of cheese is added. When this delightful combination is fried until the cheese melts and the tortilla becomes crispy.

The legend of quesabirrias spread rapidly, soon becoming a culinary phenomenon. The blend of flavors, textures, and the perfect combination of melted cheese and birria meat captivated the palates of those lucky enough to taste it.

Today, quesabirrias have crossed borders and become a dish enjoyed worldwide. From street food stalls in Tijuana to the most elegant restaurants, these delights blend the old with the modern, the simple with the decadent, ultimately reminding us that sometimes, the best food emerges from pure passion and creativity.

Quesabirrias for the Hangover?

When that hangover hits hard, nothing beats a hot, juicy quesabirria to comfort the stomach and uplift the spirits. The combination of beef, melted cheese, and the crispy tortilla is like a warm embrace for the soul. But what really works the magic is the consomé: that aromatic broth, with deep flavors and a hint of spice, revitalizing your energy and bringing you back to life.

So, if you find yourself in an epic battle with a hangover, look no further than a delicious quesabirria with its faithful companion, the consomé, to revive and move forward. It’s the fail-safe remedy for tough mornings!

In the quest for the perfect quesabirria, there’s no place like La Vicenta. Here, we transform this culinary gem into an unparalleled experience. Prepared on a double tortilla, whether corn or flour, they’re perfectly grilled. Filled with the succulence of birria meat, melting into cheese, then crowned with an irresistible mix of avocado mousse, onion, fresh cilantro, and birria broth.

So, the next time you head to #ALV (A La Vicenta, obvio), don’t hesitate to try a delicious quesabirria! You’ll be tasting a bit of history, a touch of magic, and, of course, amazing flavor. Reserve today and follow us on our socials to learn more about the history of delicious dishes.



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