The Michelada: A Refreshing Journey through its History and Tradition

Embark on the fascinating world of the michelada, a Mexican beverage that has captivated taste buds with its unique combination of beer, lime, and a touch of spices. Discover the rich history and traditions surrounding this refreshing creation, which has become an icon of Mexican culture, freshness, and, of course, La Vicenta.

Origins of the Michelada: Club Deportivo Potosino and Michel Ésper

One of the most popular versions regarding the origin of the michelada takes us to the city of San Luis Potosí, specifically to Club Deportivo Potosino. The story goes that a club member, Michel Ésper, played a crucial role in the creation of this refreshing beverage.

Legend has it that Michel had the habit of ordering his beer in a particular way: with lime and salt. This seemingly ordinary request marked the beginning of what would eventually become the iconic michelada. His preference for adding these ingredients to his beer not only satisfied his own taste but also inspired others to try this unique combination.

The Spread of the Michelada from San Luis Potosí

The popularity of the michelada began to spread beyond the club’s borders. Curious patrons in other places started adopting this refreshing mix, and the trend quickly extended throughout Mexico.

The name “michelada” is directly derived from the name of Michel Ésper, whose preference for beer with lime and salt left an indelible mark on the drinking culture in Mexico. Thus, what started as a personal choice in San Luis Potosí transformed into a national phenomenon that endures to this day.

Evolution of the Michelada

Over time, the michelada has evolved and undergone various interpretations in different regions of Mexico. The original version with lime and salt has given way to variants that incorporate Worcestershire sauce, Clamato, chili powder, and, of course, the characteristic “chirimico” or “petróleo,” a mix of black sauces ready to add flavor to the beer of your choice. Each region has contributed its own unique twist, further enriching the tradition of the michelada.

From the famous “Ojo Rojo” of the Caribbean to the “Cuban” version, as known in the central part of the country, this unique blend of beer, lime, and spices has transcended its specific origin in San Luis Potosí to become an essential element in Mexico’s drinking culture. Whether at the beach, at a party, or in the heart of the city, the michelada remains a fresh and delicious reminder of Mexican creativity and tradition.


The Michelada at La Vicenta

At La Vicenta, we take pride in being part of the rich history of the michelada. Inspired by the tradition initiated by Michel Ésper, we have perfected our own interpretation of this classic Mexican beverage. Whether you opt for the classic chelada with just lime and salt, the michelada with lime, salt, and sauces, the delicious Ojo Rojo complemented with Clamato, or one of our delightful Licuachelas, featuring passion fruit and chamoy or mango-habanero, creativity knows no bounds at La Vicenta to prepare your beer in your favorite version.

Join us to savor the authenticity and freshness of the michelada with every sip and refresh yourself in the way only Mexicans know how. Reserve now on our website and follow our social media to learn more about the history of your favorite drinks. Cheers!




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