Every steakhouse has a variation of this classic dish, but the best burger is always different from any other you’ve tried.


Today it is so iconic and so much a part of our culture that we have decided to go in search of the perfect burger.


If we try to count the ones that have marked us, we will see that in our memory there is always the most emblematic burger, the richest, the most extravagant, the classic, the veggie, the gourmet, the homemade, the Argentinean, the fine… in short, we have all tried one that has made us fall in love with this fast food delicacy.


There is something about this typical American dish that is simply irresistible. And, since there is nothing that compares to it, we want to pay tribute to it by outlining the anatomy of the perfect hamburger. But first, a few considerations:


How to prepare the best burger?


Its preparation process sounds simple, but in reality, to obtain the best burger it is not enough to put together bread, meat, and condiments, it requires special attention and care in the selection and handling of each of its components.


Emphasis on the quality of the ingredients

It is necessary to use quality meat, perfectly seasoned, a good grilling technique, special dressings that enhance the flavors of each of its parts, and a bread that makes a perfect combination with the whole of our hamburger. In this way, tasting this dish becomes a holistic experience. The bread and the meat become one texture and at the first bite, you can perceive all the flavors perfectly differentiated.


So, if you are a lover of this classic, we invite you to stay with us.


First of all, we must clarify that although the base ingredients are almost always a standard, there are an infinite number of varieties and possibilities. Therefore, we have consulted our experts at La Vicenta grill, one of the favorite steak restaurants for burger lovers, who have given us some clues that we will share with you below.


Different varieties of hamburgers


When we talk about the best hamburger, we have to take into account that in steak restaurants there is always one for every taste.


At La Vicenta, for example, you will find a special menu that offers different versions, playing with the possibilities of this classic and giving it new dimensions of flavor.


It is really difficult to decide which one is our favorite!


Through its different and creative versions of this emblematic dish, La Vicenta offers a surprising variety of ingredients, including high-quality meat prepared with the touch that only grill experts know how to give.


Dissecting the perfect burger


The ingredients, the preparation, everything is important; from the type of meat, how it is seasoned, the way it is cooked, the cooking time, the toppings that are added, the additional ingredients, and the accompaniments, to the presentation. Steakhouses place special emphasis on this last point, as the view is an essential component of our dining experience.


A burger in which all these factors have been taken into account and, in addition, you can enjoy it surrounded by the best atmosphere and the best drinks (which are also doubles), is the perfect burger!


The Cheese

This ingredient is not to be missed. It is like the blood of the burger. The classic sirloin and the English Serrana have cheddar cheese, which adds that authentic American touch, but the different varieties incorporate all kinds of cheeses. The Bistro Chihuahua, for example, as its name suggests, incorporates Chihuahua cheese as the main ingredient in its recipe; the Che Provoleta is a delight with provolone; the Chorichenta has melted manchego and the Portobello is prepared with Brie cheese, mmmm delicious!


Whatever the cheese of your choice, it is a must in any variation.



Unless we’re talking about vegetarianism, lettuce is often one of the only sources of greenery (if not the only one) in the main components of a burger, so it’s also important when it comes to the best one.


Iceberg lettuce gives it a special crunch on the palate and also allows the meat juices to be contained and not transferred to the bun, making it a disaster. Although there are those who prefer it with other varieties of lettuce, such as romaine or Italian.


The tomato

The classic hamburger always has a couple of slices of fresh tomato. The different variants, on the other hand, incorporate some others to match their very own style. For example, the Che Provoleta burger has sun-dried tomatoes, the Bistro Chihuahua has mushroom duxelle instead, and the Portobello Vegetarian includes tomato and tomato sauce.


The bread

The burger bun is always a variety of brioche, a bread known for its qualities and very particular sensation on the palate since it is extremely soft but consistent enough to support the weight of the ingredients and not allow the juices to permeate.


Although there are different variants that incorporate more adventurous bread options, such as artisan bread, rye bread, oat bread, oregano bread or different grains, either with or without sesame seeds. The ideal when choosing the bread to be used is that it does not drastically change the flavor of the burger, but rather complements it.


The dressing

Some use the classic mayonnaise dressing, while others use more elaborate versions of tomato sauce, creamy garlic or cilantro, etc.


The Inglesa Serrana, for example, has serrano chile tartar sauce, the Bistro Chihuaha has English mustard, the Che Provoleta includes a touch of chimichurri and Roquefort dressing, and the Chorichenta is accompanied by creamy cilantro.


Whichever dressing is chosen, the perfect burger is one whose topping does not saturate the taste buds but serves simply as a complement to the main flavor of the dish.


The meat

And we come to the heart of our dish. If we talk about good hamburgers, special emphasis must be placed on the meat. Therein lies the secret of the best.


Our classic hamburger has very good quality sirloin, ground and seasoned with salt and pepper. Some people like to add other ingredients to ground meat, such as onion and garlic; however, this is not necessary because, when quality meat is used, these ingredients can hide the natural flavor of the chosen cut.


The term cooking is very important. It can be English, red, medium-red, medium, ¾ or “medium rare” or well done, you choose.


For it to be at the desired doneness, what we must check regularly when we grill is the center of our meat.


Some variants change the protein included in the burger, some have chicken, fish, or even vegetables, such as veggie versions. However, the traditional American hamburger will invariably have beef.


Now that you are more than immersed in the universe of the best hamburgers, we invite you to visit us and check that the best of all is always the one that best suits your style.


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